How furnishing works with DAREBELL

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Find out how everything works from a single source here. From the multi-outlet to the kitchen sieve to the wallpaper. And everything fits together and suits you. That's how simple furnishing works...




Determine your own furnishing stlye according to your type, or select your favourite style.


Select room

Select your desired room, or furnish your entire apartment.


Delivery & installation

DAREBELL delivers the complete furniture to your apartment. On-site installation available upon request.

Frequently asked questions

What do you get with DAREBELL Interior?

What does complete furnishing or overall furnishing mean?

What advantages do I have?

How does furnishing an entire apartment or room work?

How much time does furnishing an apartment take?

How long do I have to wait for my concept?

Is decoration also part of the concept?

What does the furnishing plan cost?

Can I buy individual pieces of furniture?

What if I have some furniture of my own that I want to combine?

Can I also furnish with DAREBELL as a business customer (e.g., as an apartment landlord)?

What interior styles are available?

Where are the furniture manufactured?

What payment methods are available?

How is the payment made?

How and when will I receive my invoice?

Can I pick up my furniture myself?

What are the delivery costs?

What are the assembly costs?

Do you deliver outside of Austria?

How long are the delivery times?

Why does it take so long for my order to arrive?

Can I return my furnishings?

How can I complain about my goods?

Can I change my order?

Can I cancel my order?

How do I know that my order has been received by DAREBELL?

Why haven't I received an order confirmation?

How long is the warranty period?

Can I buy on installment?

Can my old furniture be taken away?

Do you also handle the installation of electrical and water connections?

Are my data treated confidentially?

Can I schedule the delivery or assembly date?

With DAREBELL, you can...

Discover Your Personal Interior Style

Discover Your Personal Interior Style

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Furnish Your Entire Apartment Online Like From a Catalog

Furnish Your Entire Apartment Online Like From a Catalog

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Automatically and Precisely Place Your Furniture in Your Space

Automatically and Precisely Place Your Furniture in Your Space

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