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Simply rent fully furnished apartments online from 1 to 25 weeks and move in immediately. Regardless of brokers, long-term leases, commissions, deposits or handover of keys. You pay by credit card - week after week and simply move out again whenever you feel like it (you can cancel the online rental contract weekly, free of charge).

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Simply let DAREBELL rent out your apartment(s) and don't worry about anything yourself. This gives you monthly passive rental income. The rental management website is currently in development but if you can't wait any longer, write us an email ( or call us on +43 676 888 77 66 55.
DAREBELL stands for perfect homes where happy people live. We cover all areas of the value chain. With us you can therefore rent apartments for a short time, let your apartment be rent out, easily furnish your entire apartment online or invest in a future-oriented way.
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The DAREBELL group of companies specializes in apartments and covers everything that goes with it. DAREBELL is a PropTech Company. Its speciality lies in the digitalization of apartments and their processes. As digital rebels, we aim to revolutionize the housing market by using and programming digital solutions. Do you also see yourself as a hands-on rebel with ambition, then stop by!

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Short term rental - flexible move-out
No handover of keys
No in-person signing

Renting out

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Scientific style analysis
Full online furnishing
Delivery & assembly


100% rental guarantee
100% future-oriented
Incl. optimal furnishing

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