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All about short-term rentals à la DAREBELL

What is part of the rental contract?

Why is the maximum rental duration limited to 25 weeks?

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What does weekly cancellation mean?

Is it possible to prolong the rental contract?

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Weekly costs and charges with flexible rentals

What are my weekly costs?

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Why do I pay operating costs?

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Why do I pay for furniture and equipment?

Why the non-refundable contribution to the damage fund?

What is local tax?

What is the one-off withdrawal fee?

What does weekly billing per credit card mean?

My rental

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What if something breaks?

Is there compulsory registration as a tentant?

Do I get an invoice?

My rental contract ends, but I don't want to move out. What to do?

I want to move out early. What should I do?

I have received an e-mail stating that a payment failed. What should I do?

I urgently need help with my apartment. What can I do?

If you're having troubles in your apartment with access, hot water, heating, internet, TV or any other emergencies, call us on our emergency hotline +43 676 888 77 66 33.

Didn't find the right answer? Please contact our support team under or +43 676 888 77 66 55.