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You answer 10 questions.
Each question has four answer options.

In 10 scientific questions about your interior personality or that of your tenants, it's about (living) needs, lifestyle, habits, and values.

Sample questions include: "What is your fashion style?" or "How often do you cook?"

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Your personal evaluation with the help of empirical research

Your personal interior style is evaluated. Based on that, you will receive your exact interior style immediately.

A) perfectly suits you,
B) that you and your tenants like,
C) reflects personality and
D) creates a feeling of home

Can you determine a personal interior style with just 10 questions?

This question is often asked of me. The basis of the questionnaire is science: insights from the fields of neuroscience, sociology (e.g., trend research), relationship research, housing research, and spatial design. Our business branch, DAREBELL Living, has been renting apartments on a short-term basis since 2016. We collect annual feedback from over 1000 customers. This has made it possible to validate the insights through empirical research. If you will, half a year of research is behind each question. Why steal time from the customer with many questions when you can create the best interior profile for them with targeted ones? It's not about asking many questions, but the right ones.

Miriam Derler, MA

DAREBELL Chief Marketing Officer

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