Your DAREBELL Benefits

Shape your success:

We provide a work environment where trust and autonomy are paramount. You are the expert in your field and have the freedom to decide where and when you work. Take advantage of your freedom and shape your success.

High-tech meets comfort:

Our work environment is modern and comfortable, with state-of-the-art software and hardware, as well as ergonomic workstations. Increase your productivity with top-notch tools and make them work to your advantage.

Your voice matters:

Every voice counts with us, and every opinion is valuable. Your creative ideas and contributions drive our collective success. Seize this opportunity, let your voice be heard, and actively shape our future.

kunde und Erlebe:

Our 100+ apartments in Austria, and soon in Spain, are ready for your adventures. Discover new places, create unforgettable memories, and enjoy the comfort of our high-quality apartments.

Creativity in the outdoors:

Instead of traditional conference rooms, we offer you inspiring open spaces under the open sky. Breathe the fresh air, unleash your creativity, and enhance your well-being.

Learn. Grow. Develop.:

We are constantly expanding our knowledge through participation in international events and attractive training opportunities. Discover new perspectives and drive your personal development.

Relaxation after work:

Our relaxed after-work afternoons rejuvenate your mind after a demanding workday. Enjoy your free time and recharge your batteries for new challenges.

Simplicity meets mobility:

Benefit from our pool cars - they are available to you at any time, making your everyday life easier and stress-free. Drive worry-free and experience mobility in a comfortable way.

Office companion: Your dog:

Dogs are warmly welcome in our office. Bring your four-legged friend and enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere. Because for us, feeling comfortable also means bringing your home to the office.

Welcome to DAREBELL:

At DAREBELL, you start with a supportive onboarding process, and experienced colleagues will accompany you. You will quickly feel at home and be able to unleash your full potential. Your successful start is our priority.
We a free way of working
We to work independently
We grow up as a team

This is what we stand for at DAREBELL

We stand for
We stand for
life simplification
We stand for
personal responsibility
We stand for
We stand for
We stand for
Dein neuer Job

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