Top 3 best reasons to live in Graz, Austria that will impress you

By now, you've probably heard about all the benefits and reasons to live in Graz, the second biggest city in Austria: The fantastic food, the friendly people, the vibrant university life, the beautiful old town. There's no question that these are essential points and are already well known. Let's take a look at this topic from a different angle. We've put together the top 3 reasons to relocate to and live in Graz, Austria that you might not have heard of before.

1. Graz belongs to the most hassle-free cities in the world

Do you prefer a fast-paced, strenuous life or perhaps the relaxed and easy way? A current 2021 study analysed over 15 factors across security, population density, noise pollution, air pollution and health care to determine which cities have the most and least stressful living conditions for us. And lo and behold, Austria does exceptionally well. With three cities, Austria can look forward to a top placement among the top 13, making it one of the most relaxed countries of all. Innsbruck in Tyrol comes in 8th and the Styrian capital Graz in 10th. The federal capital Vienna follows in 13th place in the stress-free ranking. By the way: The most stressful city globally is Mumbai in India.

There's no doubt that we live in stressful times, dealing with circumstances often beyond our control. But do we have a clear picture of our environment's effect on our state of mind? Why don't we pay more attention to its influence on our mental health? Remember: It is of the utmost importance to keep health and wellness in mind to maintain an adequately balanced lifestyle. Let's break the ice and honour our well-being. Visit unique Graz old town, treat yourself to the vibrant nightlife, let your thoughts wander while walking up to Graz Schlossberg or get inspired at Kunsthaus. Give Graz a go, choose to live in Graz in one of DAREBELL's furnished apartments for short-term rentals.

2. Graz ranks among the smartest cities in the world

The City of Future Index ranked thousands of cities around the world according to technological innovations as well as sustainable and progressive parameters. In 2021, Graz in Austria made it to 28th place (in the size class under 600,000 inhabitants). The data shows which cities best implement new technical solutions to improve sustainability and quality of life. The City of Future Index evaluated the categories of digital life, innovation in mobility, business and tech infrastructure, and ecological footprint.

Let's take a closer look: When it comes to the use of green energy, Graz even made it to 11th place, equally in innovations in business. In terms of clean transport, the city of Graz achieved 12th place. Isn’t that a reason to live in Graz? Check out the best spaces to experience the sustainable and innovative spirit of Graz and feel right at home with DAREBELL.

3. Graz as one of the top Expat Cities

Graz scores points in the Expat City Ranking 2020 of the InterNations network for being a particularly liveable city for expatriates, specialists, and executives posted by international companies. The annual expat city ranking draws on data from a survey of over 15,000 expats representing 173 nationalities and living in 181 countries or territories. Graz was put in an excellent 11th place out of 66 cities worldwide (Vienna ranked 16th). The Styrian capital even took 5th place in the Secure Jobs category. In addition, the respondents emphasized the excellent work-life balance, the environmental quality and, above all, the moderate cost of living.

So these are our 3 best reasons to live in Graz, Austria. Impressed? Are you looking for short-term rentals in Graz? Suburb, industrial district, Graz old town or nightlife quarter – simply rent online with DAREBELL.

Photo Credit: zm_photo | Adobe Stock