About short-term living in Graz. An interview with "Semi-Digital Nomad" Greta

Greta Grabner is enthusiastic about branding, corporate identities, social media strategies and, last but not least, travel. Her lifestyle is spontaneous and flexible; her work independent of location - and that's exactly how she wants to live. She loves freedom and searches for it in every aspect of her life. Short-term rentals have therefore become indispensable for them.

She discovered her passion for design at a young age, which led her to become self-employed in 2013. After working in design agencies in California and Dubai, she now works as a freelance designer in England and Austria. She describes her lifestyle as a semi-digital nomad. We were allowed to visit Greta in her short-term DAREBELL apartment in Graz and take a quick look into her life.

Greta, you're splitting your time between England, Austria and the rest of the world. In Austria, you live with DAREBELL. Why did you choose us?

Especially in the last two years I often had to plan my trips very last minute for various reasons. That's why I was dependent on flexible, short-term renting. This is exactly what I love about DAREBELL: The enormous flexibility of the short-term apartments. The range of apartments is great, and booking is super quick and easy. I can simply book online, even on the same day, and be sure the apartment is ready to move into and will meet my needs for my remote work. I particularly appreciate the fact that I don't have to meet anyone for handing over the keys. But above all, I love that I feel at home in the DAREBELL apartments. The short-term rental apartments are fully furnished and equipped and I can choose the apartment that suits my furnishing style. A smart accommodation with many advantages!

Are you tied to any specific location as a freelance designer?

I have been working as a freelance designer for almost 10 years. As mentioned, I would describe my lifestyle as a semi-digital nomad, as I work a good 9 months a year from my adopted home of England. My partner is tied to one place during those 9 months because of his job as a professional athlete. During this time I travel several times to Austria for private and business purposes. However, we travel all around the world over the summer. Here it is important to me that I can work well from anywhere. Whenever we are in Austria, DAREBELL is always my first choice for short-term rentals.


Greta has been working as a freelance designer for almost 10 years, she splits her time between England and Austria. You can visit her website here. (Photo Credit: Peter Simmons)

You live in England but often visit your home in Styria. What do you love most about your lifestyle?

What I particularly appreciate about my lifestyle is the flexibility and freedom I have every day. Although I have to maintain a certain level of routine, I really appreciate the fact that I can make my own working hours. My partner's working hours often change spontaneously - so it's useful if I can also organize my working hours flexibly.

Do you have a favorite DAREBELL apartment?

I particularly love the DAREBELL apartments in the city center of Graz. You are in the middle of the city but they are still quiet. My favorite apartments are the top 4 apartments in Trauttmansdorffgasse and Sporgasse. Each short-term rental has its own advantages: In the Trauttmansdorffgasse apartments I love the balcony overlooking the quiet courtyard; in Sporgasse I love the charm of the old wooden ceilings and the vaulted ceiling in the bathroom.


Greta's favorite apartment in Trauttmansdorffgasse, Graz


Greta's favorite apartment in Sporgasse, Graz

What is your favorite site in Graz?

My favorite spot in Graz is the Schloßberg. Every time I visit home, I try to visit at least once. The view of the rooftops of Graz is simply stunning and I love the spacious grounds and the culinary offerings. A visit should really not be missing during any stay in Graz. And: The location of the DAREBELL short-term rental apartments is the ideal starting point for a trip up to the old clocktower.

Who would you recommend DAREBELL to?

DAREBELL apartments for short-term rent are of particular interest to people who travel a lot for professional or personal reasons. I would recommend DAREBELL to anyone who values ​​independence and flexibility. Being able to work from anywhere is extremely important to me as a freelance designer. A table or desk and WiFi are essential. Although I could theoretically work in a coffee shop, for some parts of my work (like meetings) I need a quiet environment, like only my own four walls can offer. Or the apartments from DAREBELL!

Dear Greta, thank you for your time and for answering our questions. We wish you all the best for your professional and personal future, happy travels and adventures. We look forward to welcoming you back to a DAREBELL apartment in Graz or Vienna soon.